Thursday, May 13

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Access Day 1 Archives


9:00AM-9:05AM (MST)
Kathy Alm, CEO

Imagine the Possibilities!

9:05AM-9:48am (MST)
Kristen McGraw, Program Director at Upreach Therapeutic Equestrian Center, Inc.

In today's ever-changing world, are you find it challenging to meet the needs of the community? Have you ever considered adding an unmounted program to the list of services you provide to help fill gaps? Do you already provide unmounted programs and are looking to expand or add to your toolbox? Join me as I share the trials, tribulations, and how we found success in meeting community needs and organizational sustainability through unmounted programming.

Understanding Animal Collaborations: “Is That a Service Dog or a…?”

9:48am-10:30am (MST)
Aviva Vincent, Ph.D. 

This conversation serves as a primer of the various roles animals play in our lives for comfort, emotional support, and service. Terminology used to explain the various roles will be unpacked, including the state/national policies and laws that apply to the various roles. Specifically, companion, emotional support, therapy, and service animals will be discussed along with guidelines for organizational requirements, advocacy, and supporting clients. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any challenges or situations.

Support our Centers- Panel With: Equine Services 4 Heroes

10:30am-11:15am (MST)

The ES4H Committee will come together and answer frequently asked questions that have been received from membership.

Live Q&A

1:20pm-1:50pm (MST)

Schooling with Horses

1:50pm-2:20pm (MST)
Jo Anne Miller, Executive Director at Brook Hill Farm

Did you know you could teach Math and English on horseback? So many teens are not in school and are struggling with academics due to the pandemic. Brook Hill Farm has a pandemic pod school for low income at-risk youth that provides the center with a sustainable revenue stream that is supported by the community. The farm has a 100% graduation rate of their students, and it is because of the experiential learning with horses, that this program is so successful!

Raising Future Assistance Puppies

2:20pm-3:15pm (MST)
Lorin Bruzzese, Puppy Program Manager

This presentation will share insight on the upbringing of future guide dogs and service dogs from puppyhood to graduation. Our organization relies on the support of our Puppy Raising volunteers around the United States to provide our pups with essential foundations and socialization from 8 weeks old to about 18 months old. Puppy Raising is a unique and rewarding role that eventually leads into the partnership of a wonderful dog and their forever teammate, to help them live life without boundaries.

A Down Right Perfect Match: Exploring the Benefits, Considerations and Implementation of EAAT for Individuals with Down Syndrome

3:15pm-3:45pm (MST)
Rachel Fischer, OTR/L

This presentation will define and explain Down Syndrome and its unique characteristics in greater detail to better explore and describe the benefits of EAAT for this participant population. Additionally, attendees can plan to better understand the specific considerations necessary for this population including horse selection, volunteer support, potential equipment needs as well as intake assessment, goal development and progression. Lastly, we will briefly explore the contraindications for this participant population.